Product of the month
September is the month of
Creamy Porcini Mushrooms
Top quality porcini mushrooms hand cut into portions and immersed into a light cream which brings out all the flavour and aroma typical of this type of mushroom. This product makes every dish something special and it is ideal to give a touch of class to every bu et or second course.
November is the month of
Champignons and black truffle sauce
Preparation based on Field Mushrooms and Black Truffle that expresses the essence of Italian haute cuisine. Ready for use, it gives all high quality preparations a sophisticated and unique taste.
October is the month of
Turnip tops sauce
Broccoli friarielli freshly picked, just blanched, minced with a little oil and herbs to create this cream with an unmistakable bitter and sweet taste at the same time. Excellent for use in first course recipes, to fill pizzas and canapés, but also in the butcher’s shop added to minced meat for gourmet preparations.
September is the month of
Almond sauce
A simple and flavoursome sauce, perfect to appreciate the pure and full flavour of almonds. Versatile, it can be enjoyed with any type of meat, fish and pasta.
August is the month of
These olives come from the area south of the Peloponnese which is a traditional olive growing area. These medium sized olives have a characteristic long shape and they are fleshy and juicy. To help them to ripen quicker a little cut is made in them. Ideal as an appetizer, with a selection of cheeses or in delicious salads.
July is the month of
Anchovies fished and processed in Sicily, the land of fishermen, protectors of age-old traditions. The fillets are carefully preserved in Italian olive oil, to offer a true gourmet speciality.
June is the month of
Chopped pistachios a drizzle of oil to mix and this unmistakable sauce is ready. Ideal accompaniment to all your dishes, tasty as a condiment for pasta, it makes delicious second courses based on fish or white meat, excellent for filling croutons and canapés, and as an ingredient for gourmet pizzas and focaccia.
May is the month of
Grilled Friggitelli
Small long sweet peppers, typical of southern Italy, with an unmistakable texture and taste enhanced by grilling. Delicious on pizza, they are a versatile ingredient for first courses and side dishes.
April is the month of
White medium to large sized asparagus. The sweet delicate flavour of this product makes it ideal for use in risottos, in vegetable sauces and savoury pies. It is also perfect as a side dish to accompany delicious fish recipes.
March is the month of
Caramelized sliced Red Onions
These onions are carefully selected, peeled, sliced and cooked following an artisan method that adds a delicate caramelising. This product is so versatile that is can be used as a side dish, in savoury pies and to enhance the flavour of roast meat, as well as being an excellent topping for pizzas and focaccias.
February is the month of
Artichokes sauce
Only prime quality artichokes are used to prepare this delicious sauce. The outer leaves are removed then the inner more tender part is cooked in vegetable broth then ground finely with a drop of sunflower seed oil. This sauce is smooth and creamy with a delicate flavour ideal for garnishing pizzas and focaccias or for filling sandwiches, or with pasta and rice dishes as well as with boiled meats, fish and raw and cooked vegetables.
January is the month of
Freeze-dried shrimps
A product that no one can do without. It gives every seafood dish a touch of prestige and flavour. Caught in the Atlantic Ocean and quickly freeze-dried to preserve the colour, flavour, texture and tenderness of this fresh shrimp. Ready to use in a few minutes and ideal for pizzas, sandwiches and first course pasta dishes.
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